Anitya 1: An experimental performance by The Observatory featuring Andy Yang

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Anitya I

An experimental performance by The Observatory

featuring Artist-Illustrator Andy Yang


Earl Lu Gallery

Lasalle College of the Arts

1 McNally Street

24th January – 7:30pm

25th January – 1pm

Performance – 50 minutes

Free Admission


Borrowing from the Buddhist mandala ritual, Singapore art-rock band The Observatory presents Anitya, a performance series exploring the relationship between music and a non-musical art form.


In the first instalment, The Observatory and artist Andy Yang enact this ritual with sound and painting. From start to end, the musicians and the artist search for inter-connectedness and synchronicity. There is no script, no rehearsal, and no grand design. Everything is created instantaneously and destroyed as soon as the point of completion is reached.


Observe how music and art interact. The work of Yang is dynamic and subtle, produced in a manner that places emphasis on the physical act of painting as it connects intuitively with sound. Anitya is about the process, a reflection of the temporal nature of life and art. Experience this mutability in the sounds of The Observatory, arising from a wordless dialogue with the collaborating Artist.




Andy Yang is an artist and professional illustrator who has fervently experimented with mixed media since 2000. He is recognised internationally for his work on advertising campaigns, his latest for the Breast Cancer Foundation causing quite a stir. Andy has shown solo twice in Singapore. Recent exhibitions include well-received tribute shows Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep 2010 and A Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy 2010.


Local band The Observatory has always positioned itself at the vanguard of tearing down barriers between indie rock and high art. From debut album Time of Rebirth (2004) to their latest release Dark Folke (2009), the group has explored different sonic terrains in rock, metal, folk, jazz and electronic music. Known for their atmospheric live performances, The Observatory has had a busy schedule in 2009-2010 performing internationally and locally.


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