Cycle & Carriage Mercedes Benz ’20 Calendar

PASSAGES by Andy Yang for Cycle & Carriage, Mercedes Benz ‘20

Drawing inspiration from the abstract expressionism art genre and it’s versatility to capture thoughts and expressions in a myriad of possibilities.  I try to depict an imaginary landscape of vague dreams through the creative journey to a lucid form. Going through a multitude of ideas. Failing at times, some ideas make it, some don’t. Building character for the style. The portrait or depiction of the theory. The flood of views and ideas that came before being distilled into an individual well behaved and final, fully formed opinions. The many primary forms and lines outlined by colors. Thoughts concentrated on the purest ways, lines, and color to portray character and emotions.  

Observing and carefully studying the shape of the cars. I respond by breaking the form down to its bare minimum and expanding on that. Dramatizing certain characters and downplaying some according to the individual characteristics of the cars. Documenting the thought processes in action. Imagining and creating a mind map of the journey, passages took, and looking into the depth of thought by the creator.

The process and journey are as important as the destination. The route to show precision and decision. Formless to a precise form. Many vague ideas, parts forming into a plan that makes sense. Getting turned on by an idea and to grapple that energy. Living and participating in that idea. A form of expression that is precise at the end. 

Every action starts as a single thought within the mind. As we believe so do we create. 

Client: Cycle & Carriage, Mercedes Benz

Creative Agency: BBDO Singapore

Artist/Illustrator: Andy Yang

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