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Andy has been working as a professional Illustrator/Artist over the last 11 years, supporting advertising and design agencies both locally and internationally and has garnered quite a number of prestigious advertising awards under his wings, from D&AD UK to Communication Arts US and the latest, Cannes Lions. The latest buzz on his work was a collaboration with advertising agency DDB Singapore for the Breast Cancer Foundation campaign. The campaign caused quite a stir and was well-received both internationally, and at home in Singapore.

Andy has also been fervently experimenting with different mediums in his work since year 2000. The visual impacts of his works are derived from his expressive techniques of mixing mediums and clashing colours. Sometimes they also escape the formal confines of the canvas and extend onto the frames, highlighting the capriciousness of his thought process. Influenced by the exuberance of everyday life, music (especially) and fascination in nature and its landscapes, it’s his need for exploring his personal style and interest in unexpected juxtapositions that has led Andy to push his craft progressively, a trait he has come to be well-known for.

Andy has held several well-received exhibitions in Singapore: two solo shows at The Asylum, Singapore (“Attachments 1 & 2″) and group exhibitions (“Le Monde est A Nous”) at Night + Day Gallery in December 2007.

His affinity for graphical narratives has also led to his collaborations with Tiger Translate, PageOne The Bookshop and TRUST Museum (an online exhibition).

Recent joint shows include the well received tribute shows “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep 2010” and “A Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy 2010”.

Andy has also been invited to exhibit his work alongside fellow artists on the enclosed art installation space outside ION@Orchard, a new iconic building along the busy Orchard Road in a joint arts event organised in 2008 by Night+Day Gallery. He also participated in a joint exhibition “Art Fare”, which was organised by Project Midas held at House@Dempsey Hill, where he showcased his large format oil and acrylic paintings.

Andy’s participation in “RAW Art Singapore 2010”, in conjunction with Sotheby’s Institute of Art Singapore saw his work selected by a panel of curators to exhibit alongside other contemporary artists in a 3-day event held at Sculpture Square, Singapore. One of his pieces was also selected for a joint contemporary art exhibition with an auction conducted by Standard Chartered Bank for a charity organization “Seeing Is Believing 2010”, curated by Singapore Contemporary Young Artists (SCYA).

Always the passionate Artist, Andy is constantly exploring new mediums and pushing boundaries. His latest fascination in human emotions and nature has led him to his latest series of oil/ acrylic paintings interpreting emotions, strongly rooted in abstract expressionism.

His ongoing passion to paint with music saw him collaborating with Singapore art-rock band “The Observatory” in January 2011 for their “Anitya” series at Earl Lu Gallery at LaSalle College of The Arts and the 3rd performance at the Nokia BlackBox Art Showcase where he put up a exhilarating experimental performance exploring the relationship between music and a non-musical art form.

Andy’s latest successful 2nd solo show entitled “Emotions” in August 2011 at Instinc Gallery, Singapore showcased a series of 10 paintings created as a reaction to music soundscapes which he personally composed “live” for each piece of work.

Using a wide array of musical instruments, Andy composed a piece of music for each of the artwork he has in mind. Each artwork was then created with the music that he has recorded looping in the background. Each brush stroke that he transferred onto the canvasses was a reaction of his emotions to the pieces of music created.

During the launch, Andy demonstrated 2 live musical performances where he composed 2 pieces of music on the spot and they were warmly received by audiences which packed the gallery.

In August the same year 2011, Andy was invited by the Substation’s Associate Artist Alumni to work on The Substation’s 21st Anniversary multi-disciplinary collaboration featuring “Dance, Tree, Dance” which was a tribute perfomance to Kuo Pao Kun based on his famous play “The Silly Little Girl and the Funny Old Tree”.

Andy is currently preparing for a 3rd solo show and is on the lookout for a suitable gallery to showcase the existing “Emotion” series.

For more information about Andy and his work, please contact him using any of the list below:

email :


+65 9746 7439

commercial illustration weblinks :

contemporary art weblinks :

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