Selected Works Through The Years

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I was cleaning up my files and backing them up into a new hard drive. (almost 15 years worth of files). It’s like going through a time machine. Experimenting with different styles, medium and collaborating with people from different creative fields. More to come. I hope. What a trip! [501_Good_Evil#3 [501_East_West3 [52VeniceBien(Col) SiA Barcelona_Horiz_Long copy Saatchi Maid 3 Saatchi Maid 2 Saatchi Maid 1 Obs(BlankWalls) copy 2 IANSA MICHAEL HOSKINS HR AW copy IANSA GERALD LEE HR AW copy IANSA DANIEL MASTERS HR AW copyFP_fish F&N1011_Planes F&N1011_Magnolia SmartChoc_Today FP&HP F&N1011_Magnolia SmartChoc_Today FP&HP DurexOFF_fn8c copy DurexGYM_fn2B_fn6c copy DurexBakery_fn10C copy BLuBerry copy bcfad-03 copy 2 bcfad-02 copy 2 bcfad-01 copy 2 Argos_1052lo copy 2 A3 Sunlight FA 3-03_Lo copy A3 Sunlight FA 3-02_Lo copy A3 Sunlight FA 3-01_Lo copy iON Tote Bag Illustration with DDB Singapore BeatingSunrise1 Waves MorningGlory EmptyNest1



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