Ethical Treatment of Animals for PETA for Y&R Shanghai

JUMBOCaptura de Tela 2015-05-06 às 18.45.53
RINGOCaptura de Tela 2015-05-06 às 18.46.43
STARKCaptura de Tela 2015-05-06 às 18.46.29

Here is a recent collaboration with Y&R Shanghai. Here we go…Jumbo, Ringo and Stark! From time to time, you get crazy detailed illustration gigs like these with an even crazier creative team driving you up the wall with their demands. But it’s all well worth it. Ha! Love the ride! Thank you to all these wonderful people for this wonderful opportunity to collaborate on this project. Cheers!!!

ECD Nils Andersson

ECD Ong Kien Hoe

Head of Design Bel Ong

Illustrator Andy Yang

Senior Designer Joao Pereira

Senior Copy Writer Adam Miranda

Designer Wang Fan

Designer Tom Mu

Head of Traffic Sandy Wang

Head of Production Kitty Liang

Collaboration with Yong, Somewherelse

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