AXA Shield Key Visual

Close-ups of the 3m(L) x 1.8m(W) Watercolour Artwork

Work-in-progress and out takes on traditional media watercolour on paper before the final artwork on the massive artwork.

These photos show the actual set involving a 3m length and 1.8m width watercolour painting to achieve the results based on the creatives’ proposed layout to capture the natural depth of field for the visual. Photos courtesy of Rei.

AXA Shield Key Visual

Agency: Publicis Singapore

Photography: Teo Studio

Paper Artist: Rei

Illustrations: Andy Yang

What was supposed to be a simple key visual turned out to be quite a major production at the end of the project. Friendships were forged throughout the journey and everyone did what they did best to dish out the ad on time. Totally no egos. As with all projects. They all come with problems that we need to be addressed first before the fun of crafting sets in.

To start the production rolling, I suggested to photographer, Teo and paper artist that we should meet up to do a dry run and to work out the details beforehand. The idea was to keep digital imaging (DI) work as minimal as possible. Initial rough mock-up was set-up at Teo Studio to plot the depth of field, size of the figurines and proposed angles for the set. With Canson roll paper as the base and lego blocks as key figures. With the proposed measurements from the approved mock up. Rei proceed with the paper figurines and items and I was working out the illustration/font style and final paper size for the set.

Watercolour and watercolour pencils style was finally agreed as the illustration style of choice. Saunders Waterford 300gsm watercolour paper was confirmed as the base and the layout was traced onto the paper. Again, I had to get a roll of this paper. Almost 3m in depth and 1.8m in width to achieve the results based on the creatives’ proposed layout. I had to draw and colour the landscape on the floor and on my knees most of the time at my studio most of the because of the size of the paper.

The creative team had to come by my studio for pre-production meeting just for the illustrations alone because it was just impossible to gauge via email. I was still touching up and adding items to this massive watercolour painting set on the day of shoot. That was because we were still working out Rei’s key figures and items for the best angles so the watercolour landscape had to complement the overall layout.

And voila! At the end of the day. The magic word that we all love to hear on a set…It’s a wrap! Just for the day. Although we all know that the Publicis Singapore team had to follow through. Love crafting sets like this. Thank you everyone that was working and helping out on the set! Totally appreciate it! Couldn’t ask for a better team to work with.:)

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