Gallery Light To Night Festival

To mark it’s first anniversary,  National Gallery Singapore (NGS) appointed Singapore ad agency, Govt to work on the campaign and event for their Gallery Light to Night Festival. The first layout for the idea was the portrait format to show the light to night effect. If you look at the layout carefully, it is not a mirror image. Both light and night illustrations are totally 2 separate illustrations, each containing their own respective elements and events.

Then came the approval to go ahead with the landscape format. This was when almost all the elements and events from the portrait format had to be incorporated to adapt to the new landscape format. The normal way out would be to crop the night part, rotate it and move it to the right. Which meant that we will lose a lot of details after the move and the landscape crop. And that was totally out of the question. After further discussion with the Govt creative team. We decided to go all the way out to redraw and relayout almost the entire landscape layout , adding in more details just to keep all the details intact. Totally insane creative direction by Daniel Koh and the Govt team. It was a pleasure working with the Govt team on this project. Phew!


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