TingkART Singapore Food Festival 2017/18

This illustration project was commissioned by TBWA Singapore for Singapore Tourism Board (STB) for its annual Singapore Food Festival. Four artists were selected to custom paint the tingkat, a traditional steel tiffin carrier widely used in South East Asia to keep cooked food. I was selected to work on the more traditional Peranakan theme which required me to work in the distinctive cultures derived from the 4 races of Singapore which consist of Malay, Chinese, Indian and Eurasian into the design of the Traditional Taster section. The requirements were to have a very vintage Peranakan look down to the choice of colors and painting style.

The design of the artwork was done in Photoshop to serve as a communication between all parties involved. The cylindrical steel container had to be sanded down. It was then coated with gesso before the approved design was printed out and traced onto the container with carbon paper and handpainted with brush and acrylic before finishing off with a high gloss varnish. I made a total of 2 sets for the photoshoot. A varnished and unvarnished version of the container.

View the TingkART video here:-

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