OCBC Bank of Singapore Campaign

Bank Of Singapore Skin Refresh_R2CFSCC-111-17_OUE Wall Space Dress Up_LFP_5042x3400H_FA 3OCBC_BOS_Work4.3FA_FltnOCBC_BOS_Work5FA_FltnAnother awesome campaign with the agency, GOVT Singapore. This time for their client, OCBC Bank Singapore. The creative brief was to create a set of hand drawn detailed sketches of prominent landmarks of the selected countries with a pen in silver coloured conductor paint that will connect the cities when the LED light bulbs are placed on the sketch lines. Pretty straightforward? Not really, when one of the final output is a wall mural print on a silver colour base measuring 3.4m(H) x 5m(W) on a wooden structure with electrical components and wirings mounted onto the OUE building wall.

So, the whole silver conductor pen idea was replaced with architecture sketch style in pencil. In this case, digital pencil, but I must say, the simulated pencil on the new Photoshop CC is really, really close to the feel of an actual pencil. Always feels great to get back to basics once in a while like drawing and sketching. Kudos to GOVT Singapore for pushing the idea across. Not an easy feat to pull off this kind of idea to the client.

The campaign was applied to all media islandwide in Singapore.

I have included the original sketches here just to enjoy them.:)

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