‘The Vision Forward’ painting Made-For-Singapore turbocharged Toyota Harrier

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A couple of months ago. My long-time friend and collaborator, Calvin Soh contacted me for a possible project proposal. It turned out to be the new Made-For-Singapore Turbocharged Toyota Harrier event that was held on 20th of July, 2017. At that point in time, I just completed a year-long painting project of his.

Being aware of my air blown painting techniques that I use for my abstract paintings. He shared with me an idea about incorporating my painting style for a new car launch. We then proceeded to research on the idea and finally working out the details. The best part and in my humble opinion was, how he ingeniously managed to work in what I was already doing and seamlessly weaved it into the Harrier project without me having to compromise my painting style and still meet the creative brief from the client.

Together with another good friend Wee Kim and his team from K3 Communications. The idea was eventually sold to the client in its entirety. For that, I would have to give credit to the client, Borneo Motors, Toyota Singapore as well for believing and giving their blessings to go ahead with the idea and sticking with it to the end.

So here it is…The final image beautifully shot by Alvin Tan(Teo Studio Photography) and the video stunningly captured by Tony Kern (Mythopolis Pictures). This is the Director’s Cut version of the video.

The Vision Forward

1.8m(H) x 3m(W)

Acrylic On Belgian Linen

Special and a big thank you to:-

Creative Director and Copywriter: Calvin Soh (99 Percent Free Creative Director)

Creative Director: Goh Wee Kim (K3 Communications)

Video Director: Tony Kern (Mythopolis Pictures)

Photography: Alvin Tan (Teo Studio Photography)

Artwork: Andy Yang

Client: Borneo, Motors, Toyota Singapore

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