‘The Unlimited’ for Bosch Home SG

What a challenge it has been! After a few months of waiting. I can finally share this video I worked together with the amazing team at GOODSTUPH for Bosch Home. Right from the concept to the final shoot. Lovingly directed by the guys at Vicinity Studio. A huge thank you once again to the team at GOODSTUPH for having me on board for the campaign. Thank you too to Michael Ng for hooking us up.

Here are the final shots of the artwork after the shoot for @BoschHomeSg. I think there may be better stills out there but these are my records. The First Temples of The Heart. 90cm(H) x 75cm(W) x 50cm(D). Mixed media, cotton, driftwood. A combination of 5 driftwood structures and sculpted cotton. 

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