Red House Seafood, Clarke Quay, Singapore Mural

This is one of those dream projects for any artists.  Clients that are understanding, patient and open to ideas. To top it off, I got to work with another like-minded artist in Ben Qwek. By the way, we got to work on another bigger mural project overseas after this gig. That story is for a future post. So, that was how well we work together as a team. The brief from the client was really straightforward. Of course, as an F&B establishment which has a been around for generations. The idea was to promote the quality seafood and legacy of the business. So, Ben and I came up with a contemporary twist that balances a new identity together with the story of the restaurant all in one mural. We worked out the layout and colours. Plot the stencils to size and took our time to really fill in the colours and craft out the details. The rewarding part of painting the mural was the precious time that we were given by the patient client so we could really craft the mural. 

A big thank you to Chris for the trust, patience and opportunity to work on this mural.

Acrylic On Concrete and Steel Wall, 338cm(H) x 790cm(W).

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