Alcon AcrySof Eye Portraits

Key Visual for Alcon AcrySof Campaign

Media: Digital Oil Painting, Watercolour, Soft Pastels

McCann Health Singapore

The brief for this project was to depict the unique personalities and characters focusing on Asian eyes in 3 different art styles. It will serve as the key visual for the AcrySof IQ IOL campaign.

Usually, to really bring out the character of a person, you at least need to feature the entire face, but here, the challenge was to do that with a tight crop for all the faces. Focusing mainly on the eyes to feature that. Really enjoyed the experience.

Here, for the video, the final artworks are being unveiled as the story unfolds. The idea for the script was to feature the fine skills of an eye surgeon. Performing and completing a successful eye surgery, that is akin to the skills of an artist, creating exquisite paintings.

  • North Asian Eye in Oil Painting style
  • Pan Asian Eye in Watercolour style
  • South Asian Eye in Soft Pastels style

A big thank you to the team at McCann Health Singapore and Alcon Acrysof for having me on board this campaign.

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