STB + Sentosa: Epic Adventures From The Island Beyond

Key Visual for STB + Sentosa: Epic Adventures From The Island Beyond Campaign

Media: Digital Watercolour Painting

TBWA Singapore

This was an interesting project I worked with TBWA Singapore, commissioned by Singapore Tourism Board(STB) and Sentosa. One of the first illustration project collaborations between the two companies.

The whole idea was to feature Sentosa in a panoramic illustration that captures the highlights of Sentosa together with STB Passion Ambassadors that make up a story. To accommodate the use of the key visual on multiple platforms. The illustration is sectioned into 5 sections that can be used individually but could be used a single seamless panoramic format when all 5 sections are put together.

As for the illustration style, the creatives at TBWA were looking at classic 1940s, 1950s and 1960s watercolour illustrations by Eileen Soper and Dorothy Brook with a contemporary twist. The works were frequently featured on book covers by author Enid Blyton. Books that I grew up reading as a child. The idea was to make the illustrations simple with childlike innocence, which was no easy feat.

Multiple sketches and illustrations were worked out to determine which was the best for the project, before working out the illustrations in pencil and eventually in full colour. Painstakingly worked on the artwork section by section. By that time, I had named the working file ‘Epic’. Definitely, an appropriate title because, work commenced early this year and when the work was finally completed and approved, we were already in the second half of 2018.

File size was a whopping 1.6G for a 55cm(H) x 220cm(W), 300dpi. Recently, I was quite surprised to see the illustration again on the Singapore Tourist Map cover when I arrived back home at Changi Airport when I got back from holidays from Japan

All in all, really glad that the project was completed and delivered with the intended creative direction intact. Really grateful for the experience to work on this campaign.

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